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H.S. Enrollment P. 4/18

Student Transportation

My child will be returning home daily by:
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Any exceptions to this procedure must be submitted to the office in writing by the parent/guardian.  Students will not be allowed to walk from the bus stop without a note on file.  If you plan for your child to ride the bus home with another student, please send a note.  A parent/guardian note with the date and a contact number will be required by the bus driver for a child to get off the bus at a different location other than his/her usual stop.  Parent notes cannot be replaced by a phone call.  Please send a note for the child's file.


State Law(70-11-103.3) and the school law book of the state of Oklahoma (Section 243) state that the students in th 7th, 9th, and 11th grades shalll be taught AIDS Prevention.  Wilson School will comply with this law.  Please sign this form and return to the principal's office

Will your child attend?*
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Drug Free School-P. L. 1010-226

The school system will implement a drug free education and prevention program for all Kindergarten-12 students and employees

Individualized Education Plan

Did this student have an individualized Education Plan at their prior school?*
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Does this student have any confidential records at their prior school(s) that we should be aware of and that we should request from these schools?*
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Our School Counselor, Maegan Hall would like e-mail addresses for parents and or guardians.  This will allow her to keep parents updated with student's progress.  If e-mail is an option please list your e-mail address below.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the office @(918) 652-3384 or e-mail Mrs. Hall at mhall@wpstigers.k12.ok.us

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