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H.S. Corporal Punishment P. 9/18

Wilson Public School, I-7

8867 Chestnut Rd.

Henryetta, OK 74437

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Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Wilson Public School.  We are very excited about spending the school year together with you and your child.   Our mission at Wilson is to provide each student with a challenging and enjoyable academic year.  We strive to educate our children in a safe and positive environment.  To afford this type of atmosphere, the Wilson School Board has established a corporal punishment (spanking) policy.  The policy states that corporal punishment may be used if necessary.  While we do try every effort to encourage positive behavior and correct problem behavior before it starts, there may exist a time that will require the use of corporal punishment.  In that instance, we will need your permission to enforce the Wilson School Board Policy.  Please check the box below with which you feel most comfortable.

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