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Mr. Denny - High School Science

I'm happy you've taken time to get to know me. I'm excited to be back at Wilson after spending the past few years at Mounds and Owasso. It truly is a blessing to be working with and for some very special people. 
I'm a graduate of Glenpool High School and began my teaching career there. However, my path to a teaching career was a long and adventurous one. Upon graduation from high school, I enlisted in the Army. I enjoyed my time in the service and am very honored to hold the title of "veteran". The military allowed me to see many parts of the world and I will always be thankful for my colleagues. Please remember the sacrifices our veterans and active duty personnel make.
Upon my discharge from the military, I attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. 
With all this knowledge (lol), I was blessed to work as a marine biologist with the Oklahoma Aquarium where I spent a few years designing marine life support systems & habitats and overseeing species acquisitions & care. However, my heart was always in education and here I am.
I always loved hands-on lab experiences as a student so I work to deliver a balance of both hands-on activities and written skills to my students. My philosophy is that there is no concept in school or in life that is too difficult if it is explained clearly and all questions are carefully answered.
I'm a full blood Native American and very, very proud of my heritage. My father is full blood Navajo from Low Mountain, Arizona and my mother is half Muscogee and half Seminole from Okmulgee, Oklahoma.

Of the core values I've learned from my parents and people, which include perseverance, giving back, culture, tradition, and others, I think the principle I try to instill in my students is making good choices. I follow up with this mission by challenging my students to make the choice do their best work and be everything they can be. I will always encourage them that it's never too late to make a U-turn if they are on the wrong road in life.
Life is too beautiful to have only one passion, so I have many. One of those passions is learning more everyday, whether that be reading a good book or being a sincere friend. Life is such an awesome ride. Life needs to be a balance of learning, doing, and experiencing. I want all my students to know that they are the ones that the world has been waiting for
Supply list:
  • three ring binder
  • pencil (all work will be done in pencil)
  • red pen
  • calculator (nothing fancy)
In addition to the above supplies, I'm asking that each hour bring the following.
  • 1st Hour:Paper towels
  • 2nd Hour: facial tissue/Kleenex
  • 3rd Hour: facial tissue/Kleenex
  • 4th Hour: disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer or general purpose disinfectant cleaner such as Lysol or Clorox multipurpose cleaner.
  • 5th Hour: scotch tape
  • 6th Hour: Paper towels
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Physical Science code: TBA
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